Our service

Due to the combined experience of our three soft fruit specialists, fruitful-berries has been able to build a strong reputation with producers and customers in a short time. Our detailed approach and rapid follow-up can count on national and international recognition.

The trust placed in us by global soft fruit producers enables us to meet your requirements very quickly, time after time.

Service is our main focus.

Our products

Fruitful-berries has a dedicated and exclusive focus on soft fruit. Soft fruit is the sector in which our
people are specialised and in which we will continue to develop.

Our current offer consists of:

  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry
  • Cherries
  • Red currant
  • Green currant
  • Kiwiberry

Our packaging

At our Fresh Park Venlo site, we use seven state-of-the-art packaging lines that are exclusively intended for packaging red fruit.

You can come to us for more than 30 different types of packaging: fully customised and according to the end customer& wishes. We guarantee you a perfectly finished end product every day and hour of the year.

Our Customers

We always work to measure for each customer.


  • Integrated sales service
  • Personal contact and follow-up
  • Logistic support


  • Sales on week and program basis
  • Sale of both bulk and packaged fruit
  • Sales at both full badge and order picking level
  • Daily personal contact


  • Private retail label packaging
  • Service provider service
  • Long term relationship
  • Personal account manager