Robbert Leisink

Co-founder and owner of fruitful-berries. Robbert grew up as a child in the fruit and vegetable world and therefore has an excellent relationship with our growers. Robbert has a distinct passion for the red fruit assortment with a great heart for customers and businesses.

Maxim De Roeck

Co-founder and owner of fruitful-berries. During Maxim’s entire career, soft fruit has been central, from own raspberry cultivation to counsel for the red fruit category for large retail. Drive, flexibility and eagerness to learn are core values ​​assigned to Maxim.

Kevin Smedts

Commercial and administrative mainstay within fruitful-berries. Kevin has already followed an experienced track within the fruit and vegetable world, particularly on innovation and excellent communication. Kevin scores points with both grower and customer.

Dinis Grussner

As sourcing and development manager, Dinis operates as the main link between growers and our commercial team. Dinis has more than 20 years of experience in the berry business and is a model of innovation and development.